Law Firm Financing

We offer plaintiff law firm financing and working capital. If you have a contingency fee portfolio and do personal injury or commercial work, we can provide law firm funding.

We provide immediate cash flow for plaintiff law firms and their clients. You can leverage an individual case, a basket of cases or your entire personal injury portfolio.  


Bread and butter personal injury law firms have unique cash flow problems. The distribution of when cases settle is never even. Large firms and solo practitioners will inevitably encounter periods of little or no revenue. We can provide an alternative to using your own money to finance you legal costs. A single advance from your contingency portfolio could refinance your firm.  We also offer plaintiff pending lawsuit loans.


1. Expansion of Practice Areas: Law firm loans can enable a firm to expand into new practice areas by providing the necessary capital to hire specialized attorneys and support staff. By diversifying their practice areas, law firms can attract a broader range of clients and increase their market reach, leading to overall growth and revenue generation.

2. Marketing and Client Acquisition: Law firm funding can be utilized to invest in marketing strategies and initiatives aimed at acquiring new clients. This can include digital marketing campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, content creation, and networking events. By having access to funding, law firms can effectively promote their services, increase their visibility, and attract a steady stream of clients, contributing to business growth.

3. Technology and Infrastructure Upgrades: Implementing the latest technology and infrastructure upgrades can significantly enhance a law firm’s efficiency and productivity. Law firm financing can facilitate investments in case management software, legal research tools, communication systems, document management systems, and other technological advancements. These upgrades can streamline operations, improve client service, and create a competitive edge, resulting in increased client satisfaction and referrals, ultimately fueling the firm’s growth.

4. Talent Acquisition and Training: Attorney financing can be used to attract top legal talent by offering competitive compensation packages and professional development opportunities. By hiring experienced attorneys and investing in their training and mentorship programs, law firms can enhance their reputation and expertise. This, in turn, can attract high-profile clients and complex cases, leading to business growth and increased revenue.

5. Mergers and Acquisitions: Financing can facilitate mergers and acquisitions, allowing firms to consolidate resources and expand their market presence. By joining forces with another firm, law firms can gain access to new clients, geographical markets, and practice areas. This strategic growth approach can result in increased revenue, a larger client base, and enhanced capabilities.

It’s important for law firms to carefully evaluate their goals and consider the potential impact funding on their overall growth strategy. Seeking guidance from financial professionals and conducting thorough due diligence can help ensure the effective and responsible use of funds for sustainable growth.

No Personal Assets OR CREDIT Required

Not every person or attorney has great credit and when it comes time to approach traditional lenders, this can make finding law firm financing next to impossible. Banks and other traditional lenders cannot properly value and loan or advance money on a personal injury contingency portfolio.

We understand the challenges faced by plaintiff law firms. We have a simple application process and the ability to make disbursements in short order. The most valuable asset an plaintiff firm carries is their expected future fees. In addition, we area able to allow an attorney to immediately re-borrow up to their agreed upon limit when they acquire new cases and even after they pay proceeds from a recently settled case.

Hundreds of Law Firms Financed

Fast Process.  No Personal Assets Encumbered

Commercial and personal injury firm financing

Whether you are a large law firm looking for a large line or a solo practitioner looking for $50,000 for case expenses, we can be helpful. We offer fee acceleration and portfolio funding on non settled and settled cases, judgement on appeal, favorable verdicts, and monetary judgments. We also work with law firms with hybrid revenue streams. There are several reasons why a law firm should consider using contingency fee funding: 1. Financial Stability: Contingency fee funding provides law firms with immediate access to funds, enabling them to cover operational expenses such as case expenses, litigation costs, expert fees, and general overhead. This stability allows the firm to focus on providing quality legal services without worrying about cash flow issues. 2. Increased Case Acquisition: With contingency fee funding, law firms have the financial resources to expand their marketing efforts, attract more clients, and take on a higher volume of cases. This can lead to increased case acquisition and growth opportunities for the firm. 3. Mitigation of Financial Risk: By utilizing contingency fee funding, law firms can minimize the financial risks associated with pursuing complex and time-consuming cases. The funding provides a safety net, ensuring that the firm can continue working on the case even if it takes longer than anticipated or if the settlement amount is lower than expected. 4. Ability to Maximize Settlement Value: With contingency fee funding, law firms can invest more time, resources, and effort into building a strong case and negotiating favorable settlements. The funds can be used for expert witnesses, investigations, medical evaluations, and other necessary expenses, enabling the firm to present a compelling case and potentially secure higher settlement amounts for their clients. 5. Improved Client Satisfaction: Contingency fee funding allows law firms to provide enhanced services to their clients. By having the necessary funds readily available, firms can promptly cover medical expenses, living costs, and other financial needs of clients during the case. This helps alleviate financial stress for clients and fosters a positive attorney-client relationship, leading to higher satisfaction and increased referrals. Overall, contingency fee funding offers law firms the financial stability, risk mitigation, and flexibility needed to effectively represent their clients while running a successful practice. It allows firms to take on more cases, invest in their cases, and provide better client service, ultimately contributing to their growth and success. Apollo Funding offers attorney funding for up to 20% of your projected fees on non settled cases and a higher loan to value for settled and well developed cases. Law firm financing involves crafting a solution that is tailored to the specific needs of your practice and we’ll help you do that.
Law Firm Financing
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Fee Acceleration

In addition to law firm financing, we offer fee acceleration on a single case or grouping of cases.

Flexible Repayment (No Monthly Payments)

Each situation is different, and we'll agree on a repayment waterfall that makes economic sense.

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Our agreements set attorneys up for success and provide a backstop for the cyclical nature of personal injury firm's revenue.

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