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Apollo Legal Funding can now advance your attorney fees on non-settled cases. We look at a lead case and a group of cases to be used as collateral. We are going to look at the liability, damages, and insurance coverage associated with those cases. From there we can advance the requesting attorney a percentage of the future potential fees from those cases. Each solution is customized to the financing needs of the law firm.

We offer loans for lawyers. Both commercial and personal injury firms can receive financing. We tailor our financing offerings to your situation. Alternative financing for attorneys should always set law firms up to succeed- and that’s what we do.  

Loans for Law Firms

 The best “Loans for Lawyers” involve crafting a solution that is tailored to the needs of your specific practice. 

Our financing options are based on the strength of your contingency fee assets and not on personal property or other firm assets.  The loan repayment terms are flexible and based on the schedule of anticipated fees rather than a strict parameters with monthly payments.

The rates and terms vary depending on the law firm’s portfolio and are negotiated case by case.

We offer the most creative solutions for lawyer loans.  Contingency fee practices usually experience cash flow peaks and valleys.  Our advances can help fill in these income gaps for any type of law practice.

Funds usage is not restricted as part of a financing agreement. Additionally, the concerns and parameters of
traditional bank lenders are not a primary factor in qualifying for contingency fee law firm funding.

settled case funding for attorneys

We make receiving an advance on your expected fees from an entirely settled case is a simple process. Up to fifty percent of your anticipated attorney fees can be advanced on a settled case. In addition, advances on settled cases do not require additional collateral, personal guarantees or firm balance sheet inquiries. Attorney and law firm advances are available as high as seven figures. The list of benefits is numerous: no personal guarantees, no monthly payments to burden the firm overhead, no requirement to sell the case fee at a discount, non-compounding fees as low as 2% a month, no maximum advance amount, no underwriting fees or application fees, and no requirement to open a new banking relationship. Finally, no personal or firm balance sheet inquiries, you provide no collateral except your pending cases.
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Financing for Law Firms
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Whether you are a large law firm looking for a large line or a solo practitioner looking for $50,000 for case expenses, we can be helpful. We offer fee acceleration and portfolio funding on non settled and settled cases, judgement on appeal, favorable verdicts, and monetary judgments. We also work with law firms with hybrid revenue streams. Apollo Funding offers loans for lawyers for up to 20% of your projected fees on non settled cases and a higher loan to value for settled and well developed cases. Lawyer financing involves crafting a solution that is tailored to the specific needs of your practice and we’ll help you do that.  

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